Nellie Tobey
A Kubota is a multi use heavy machinery often used with a bucket attached in the front to transport heavy materials

I want to make stuff you need me to make.
I am a self driven learner, tackling everything that allows me to explore and create.
In my art and my code, I aim to learn.

Always... Why not?


A small fazing 1950's era police telephone booth.

Below are four games I built. The newest addition, Angular Snake is just for desktop as I have to figure out how to get the sizing and game actions right for mobile play. I'm willing to learn any of the frameworks, and am excited by a challenge.

Angular: S N A K E MineSweeper snake Critical Space Strike

Chingu Voyages

Chingu is a learning and training platform where teams, or individuals, can participate in Voyages.

During a Voyage, members have 6 weeks to develop their project.

Throughout this process they will grow as a developer, but they also learn valuable lessons about community, communication, and building web applications as a team.


Team Work

Voyage 22: Team Project

Screenshot of the home page for Sound and Silence

Live Link:

Sound and Silence

JavaScript provides SpeechSynthesis and SpeechRecognition. It is supported on almost all browsers.
*(Not supported in Internet Explorer)*
In this website, you can explore the alt attribute, interact with a color wheel to learn about color and contrast, and visit a carousel to learn the ASL alphabet.

Voyage 15: Solo Project

screenshot of my solo project, google fonts clone.  Dark mode active.

The most challenging aspect of this project was writing my own search algorithm for 900+ google fonts received through their API.
Because I'd already participated in a Voyage, I did not need to submit a solo project. I completed it because I love a challenge and I love opportunities to learn.

In the blogger link below you can read my three part blog entry where I discuss the steps I took setting up the experiment which led to creating my search algorithm.

Live Link:

Voyage 15 Google Fonts

Blogger Link:

See the experiment: Part 1 of 3

Voyage 15: Team Project

screenshot of the team project in mobile view, Code Track

In Code Track, a user can create an account, and try out the goals, bookmarks, and to-do list. Deleting the account is as easy as logging in and clicking the delete option. No third parties have access to the database. I am the sole administrator on this site.

Live Link:

Chingu Voyage 15 Code Track

Voyage 10 Team Project

three spliced screen shot of the different quizzes on Code Quiz

This was my first team project, and Voyage with Chingu. Users can take 4 different quizes, or even make their own.

Live Link:

Voyage 10 project Code Quiz

A Chingu Facilitator since January 2020

Based on the series Doctor Who, the player is a tardis, an old time public police call box from the 50s, and the enemys are red black and gold Daleks, the most hateful and deadly of Doctor Who villians.

I've learned so much as a Voyager and a Facilitator. Below is a link to a game written in Vanilla JavaScript as a demo for new Voyagers if they choose to build the Critical Space Strike solo project. Every new JavaScript project takes me deeper in it's capability, and teaches me what I don't know. Check it out, Join a Chingu Voyage, and try making your own.

Critical Space Strike



a screenshot of a silly conversation with my chatbot, Wiwa.

Whispering Wall, or Wiwa for short, is a chatbot built with python. The NLTK library is utilized to parse user entered text, and separate identified parts of speech into lists.
Go have a chat! It's just silliness, I promise.

Nellie's Noodles

A screenshot of my personal website, built with Django, python, javascript, html and css.

This is my first and personal web page, Nellie's Noodles.
It is run on a pythonanywhere server using Django, Python, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.
There's a chatbot, my vanilla javascript games, my small blog about the site, A wordfinder that can spellcheck and retrieve definitions.


My Wordpress Blog

Below is a link to my recently created WordPress blog. I plan on migrating my most popular or useful posts from CamelCaseNoodles. I give my readers code, hints and tips to create thier own projects. The current series is about Double Linked Lists in Python. I also created two small games to help visual learners see the interaction between Nodes.


CamelCaseNoodles was my first blog. The latest blog post below, explains the use of the Matrix that I created for use in the new MineSweeper game.

Javascript and matrix


The Free Code Camp  Web Design certificate I earned by completing all the course work offered. The Free Code Camp JavaScript (Data Structures and Algorithms) certificate I earned by completing all the course work offered. The Free Code Camp Scientific Computing with Python certificate. It just says, Nellie, but how many Nellie's are out there?

Free Code Camp
FCC is an online training tool that is helpful when learning information technology subjects.